Hello! We are NECOLT. We have been working with product teams around the world to build large scale long-term software projects since 2006. Our clients range from large international organizations to startup founders. We also contribute to open source projects, run community events and grow talents at universities.

Through our ten years of operations we’ve been able to achieve a level of technical excellence which has then allowed us to hugely contribute to the success of our clients. After working with us, most of these clients have gone on to attract millions of users and considerable investments, and became partners with such top global players as Apple, IBM, and Electronic Arts, with most eventually getting acquired or going IPO.

The majority of our clients have very little engineering staff in their offices. They prefer to hire us instead of an in-house engineering team because by choosing us they can:

  • Leverage our more than 10 years proven experience of leading companies to technology success;
  • Free themselves to concentrate their full focus on their product or service by delegating engineering implementation to us;
  • Use our matured process and well-oiled team to deliver their product to the market faster than an in-house team or faster than their competitors;
  • Save valuable resources by avoiding the time and effort needed to build and grow in-house engineering team and compete for the best tech talent;
  • Maximize engineering team efficiency;
  • Minimize engineering risks;
  • Flexibly change the size of their tech team over time.

We have spent the last ten years perfecting our software skills using only the best practices available and we are always striving to develop and improve. This book is the result of that learning. We have put it together for everyone who is interested in how we have been able to consistently deliver successful long-term projects. For potential clients, it’s a window into our process, and for potential new hires it will show them how we can help them grow. While for other companies and specialists, there might be some insight or tip that they can apply to improve their processes. All this information can be found in the following 9 chapters:

We grow and learn new things every day. This book is a live document that will change over time. Feel free to read it again later and find something new. If your interest lays more in the technical details, feel free to read our Guides.

This book was written by Saulius Grigaitis. He is the Founder and CTO of NECOLT, an associate professor at Vilnius University, active community member, and open source contributor. He focuses on software process and systems engineering at NECOLT. This book is the result of the NECOLT team’s ongoing quest to find the best way to build successful software projects.