Microsoft Investment

HTML5 Games

We wanted to hone our expertise in HTML5 and JavaScript by developing an inhouse game engine. And the best way to do this was by building a game – Hadron Wars. This went on to receive investment from Microsoft and Nokia, and win the AppCampus Grant 2014. Today, we are using the experience we have built up to work on new client projects.

HTML5 Playable Ads

As HTML5 experiences a rebirth today, we are using the vast experienced we have gained over years of developing HTML5 games to work on new client projects. Plus, we are working on fresh approaches to HTML5 such as playable ads.

Migration to Pixi.js WebGL

We continue to optimize Hadron Wars’ performance, including migrating the game to the latest Pixi.js version which provides super fast WebGL rendering.

iOS, Android and WP Lunch

We launched Hadron Wars on Windows Phone for an exclusive 6 month period, before then bringing it out for Android and iOS devices with minimal changes to the HTML5/JavaScript Code Base.

Investment by Microsoft and Nokia

There was growing interested in the game, and Microsoft with Nokia invested in further development of Hadron Wars with a view to launching on Windows Phone. Our Hadron Wars team won the AppCampus Accelerator grant for 2014.

Alpha Version of Hadron Wars

We decided the best way to build a great game engine was to build a real game. So, we developed Hadron Wars, a multiplayer strategy game, launching the Alpha version in 2013.

HTML5 Game Engine

In 2012, we started an inhouse research project into HTML5 with the aim of understanding the possibilities and limits of this technology, and to gain experience working with the large rich graphics HTML5 offers. Following our research, we started to work on an HTML5 game engine.
The AppCampus team and Microsoft engineers were really impressed with what the NECOLT team has achieved so far with HTML5 technology - building their real time strategy game Hadron Wars.
Pekka Sivonen